If You Were to Take a Train

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If you were to take a train
To another time and place
Where would you go?
And when?
Being on the right track is being busy, focused and bold. Understanding that a good attitude is carved out of the bad ones and that laughing out the embarrassment is key to stop being afraid of making a complete fool of yourself. This is true empowerment. It doesn’t come easy. Sometimes you need to just sit on the track rail like it’s the most natural thing in the world, like you belong there, high heels and all. Just sit there and let all the worries pass you by like the train. Or the boat. And now that you’ve relaxed a little, take a moment to imagine what the answer to the opening questions might be. Mine is pretty easy: I’d go back to the jazz era. I am not dressed accordingly, I know, but that’s where I would go.




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If You Were to Take a Train