About me


Below you will find a couple of words about me

Beauty in all its forms, people and all that is human, this is how I would describe the subject of this blog. But what it really is, first of all, is a pretext to
tell stories.

Have you ever wondered how do stories come to life? True or fictional, what triggers their existence? I often wondered, so one day I decided to start writing down and sharing with you some of the scenes that every now and again
appear my way. Or inside my mind. Let’s see where this would lead. After all, there’s nothing more powerful than a story whose time has come. And as the designated storyteller, it is now my job to make this journey fascinating and delightful for you, my readers.

The first Romanian chick-lit novel, the airport’s magazine, Airport News, the road to writing carried me through various projects. Past and present, they all contributed to me being a better host for you, my darlings, so that when I tell you a story, I would be able to at least bring a smile on your face or a cheeky idea in/to your mind.

This blog is a quest, a challenge and a gift. Our quest, my challenge, your gift.