Yves Rocher, Rose Absolue

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Like most girls, I love shopping. Not for the objects per se, sometimes I don’t even buy anything, just enjoy the pleasure of looking around and admire the new shapes, fabrics and colors for the season. Like a visual feast. In a recent trip of this sort I passed by the Exotique showroom and took a moment to check out their lovely pieces of outdoor furniture. I spent a few relaxing moments, the sun was about to set, a light breeze made everything memorable. The only thing missing to turn this visit into a complete holiday experience was a teaspoon of rose petal jam. No, wait! The breeze revived the scent on my skin which made me think about rose jam. I was wearing Yves Rocher, Rose Absolue that evening. Cinnamon in the opening announces creamy and glamorous roses (Turkish, Bulgarian and Moroccan) graciously supported by notes of Patchouli, Virginia Cedar and Tonka Bean. I love that it never gets too sweet, for as long as it stays on the skin (not too much, in my case), it remains mouth-watering and creamy. I don’t get any of these distinctively, I only perceive a spicy playful rich rose with an elegant touch, a warmhearted companion who kept winking at me while I took a few pictures. 



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