Molton Brown, Mesmerizing Oudh Accord & Gold

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Perfume is one of my greatest loves and joys. I like to surround myself with it, dress up with it, use it as a shield, use it as a signature. Obviously, I have a perfume for every mood. Or so I thought when I used to own a few bottles of divine liquor. Now, I’m afraid to even start counting. The perfume bottles or the moods. Let us share, therefore, the stories behind the scents, the images inspired and the secrets hidden in the precious little bottles. And since the stories begin at the end sometimes, let me tell you about the last addition to my scented kingdom.

Molton Brown is the name of the brand and I have to admit I did not know about it until my recent trip to London. Mesmerizing Oudh Accord & Gold is the name of the golden essence and  it is, indeed, mesmerizing. The feeling you get when you put it on? A warm intoxicating depth, a pulse of spices dancing on wood. Suddenly you are transported into a hundred places, you are at the meeting point of impossibly rare things: rain in the desert, French kisses in the midst of a tropical forest, a glass of the finest brandy in front of the chimney. Such a vibrant presence could easily become noisy if the „author” of the recipe hadn’t been careful to lay these „singing” notes on a velvety masculine shade. The vetiver and the tobacco accord are here to stay and so this Eau de Toilette becomes a second skin. A seductive, luxurious one.

Fragrance composition:

Top notes: cinnamon leaf oil and nutmeg oil.
Heart notes: elemi oil, myrrh oil and black tea accord.
Base notes: oudh accord, vetiver, honey and tobacco accord



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Molton Brown, Mesmerizing Oudh Accord & Gold