Who Are You in Wonderland?

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We're all mad here
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I believe that for every creativity seeker, Alice in Wonderland is an icon. We would all like to be Alice. Honestly, as much as I admire her, my favourite character has always been the Cheshire Cat. Oh, how I envy the attitude of that rounded semi-invisible furry ball of cryptic wisdom! Or nonsense. Nobody really knows the difference, it could go either way.
And since I’ve taken the road of honesty, I have to confess that the character I most identify with is… the white rabbit. You know, the one who draws Alice to follow him into the hole, impeccably dressed and nervous for always being late. I don’t know about the impeccable part, but for the rest, this is obviously me, the character for whom jumping from one world to another cannot happen fast enough. Who wouldn’t if their boss was the Red Queen? Yes, we all adore Alice, the curious, daring and well mannered little girl, but the white rabbit running around in a state of precipitated madness is a much more accurate description of myself. As for the more profound symbolism, well, it’s too sunny today and you’ll find it all in the Matrix, anyway.

* The inspiration source for the lines above is Disney’s animated version of Lewis Carroll’s book.

** „I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye! I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!”



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Who Are You in Wonderland?