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Do you remember the famous American motivational quote “Think Big, Grow Big”? Commonly perceived as a “must” if you want to be successful at anything, it was only contradicted once. By the brilliant ad campaign from the 1960’s for Volkswagen Beetle, the famous “Think Small” campaign. If you’re interested in how the advertising world shifted, it’s worth reading a little more on the subject, it’s quite interesting. Coincidentally or not, after finding this clue to introduce the Think Shorts post, I came across this wonderful project of Art Georgies, a unique artistic arrangement which was displayed in front of the National Military Circle until June, 12. A Volkswagen Beetle manually covered in mosaic.

Dressing up the car with the approximately 150.000 pieces of mosaic glass took 6 months and it used a pattern inspired by the golden era of the Beetle legend.

The Beetle jewelry was displayed as part of the Month of Bucharest Festival – the sixth edition, organized by Fundația Calea Victoriei.

As for the “Think Shorts” theme, it’s something you’ll see and hear a lot from me the following months. You already now I love a good challenge and the latest I couldn’t resist to was to prove shorts can be a lot more than a flimsy holiday item. If properly worn, they could reveal an unexpected kind of charm which I honestly believe can be integrated even into a sophisticated image. Stay close 🙂



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