Smooth like Velvet

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That’s how I feel when I’m wearing it. Velvet brings a warm embrace, a cosy feeling, a way to recapture my identity and a sweet sense of security. This luxurious fabric belongs to a world of elegance 🎩, so when I found it in the shape of a classic trench coat, I immediately felt at home. I have it for some time now and I wish it could last forever because I can’t get enough of it. 😋 For this post, I wore the coat with an embroidered blouse and they seemed to get along wonderfully. My favourite red on the lips and I’m ready for anything! 😎

Life happens in snapshots, really. We don’t realise how the pieces come together until one day, when suddenly we see a link between two random episodes. We feel so wisely satisfied of that deeper understanding, as if we’re only discovering now how things work in this road of life. I talked about velvet so far, which I liked all my life. I think I had a red velvet two-piece little suit (skirt and bolero) when I was about four. It was a grenadine red and I felt imperial wearing it. Further along the way, I’ve always had at least one velvet piece of clothing in my wardrobe, from my teenage years to present days. Looking back now to the poetry and other writings I posted on Instagram, while the blog was banned on social media (a misfortune that lasted almost two years), I discovered that previously, on a completely different occasion, I had mentioned velvet when describing someone I admire quite a lot for having an amazing sense of style and a seductively feminine manner of walking. Well, of course! is what I’m thinking now, discovering the pattern had always been there.

Woman wearing velvet trench coat

Here’s what I wrote back then (in January, 2019):

The most elegant woman in my neighbourhood

Is a former stewardess, surely now retired

Whenever I walk behind her

I understand grace, timeless and slow motion

She doesn’t move slowly

I just think time likes her, too

And it lingers on her footsteps

Diluting minutes and giving me space to learn

The sense of style.     

They weren’t called flight attendants in the old days. Nobody cared, it was considered a very cool profession, getting to travel the world in their fancy uniforms… It’s still cool, but more like a job, these days, you know? Then comes this lady, who I think should have been an actress to show more people than just this neighbourhood what having a sense of #style means. Brunette, short hair, a very supple figure, the longest legs and a feline step. Feline, but lively. How should I put this? I have long enough legs myself, she’s about my height, possibly an inch taller, but when I go outside, if I’m not just strolling, but run an errand or something, the long legs are useful to get places really fast 😀. I’m at the end of the street in a couple of steps🏃! While this woman appears to slow down time. Always wears well fitted clothes, the kind you don’t find in stores, where does she take them from? Always fabrics like velvet and suiting wrapped perfectly around her body, always shoes with a classic design, but never dated, which makes you immediately think “Italian”, always a scarf or a brooch, always an impeccable red lipstick. This is how I’ve seen her around for the past 20 years. What can I say? The woman is #goals. 😎

The pictures were obviously taken before the pandemic, the red on the lips is hiding behind the mask these days. But it’s still there, waiting for better times, when we’ll travel freely again and the flight attendants will return to their former glory. Until then, my neighbour stays as elegant as always, we met on the street the other day. If only she knew…



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Smooth like Velvet