Roses Are for the Rich

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I dream of gardens in the desert sand

If I were a flower, I would be a rose. This is cheating, I know. Rose is not a flower, it’s a myth which happens to be seen. Smelled. Caressed. With one’s eyes. Yet it remains untouchable.

This post is named after an old movie from the 80’s. I remember seeing this film on VCR when I was a child and being quite impressed by the elegance, the drama and the sophisticated air of the characters. It was the Eighties. American movies were the climax of luxury and they were hard to find, there was an entire underground network of people swapping them. So you can imagine how certain characters and lines became iconic. From Roses are for the rich, I remember three lines: the title, having tot do with the selective nature of the rose, the charming line of Joe Penny’s character when visiting Lisa Hartman’s in prison – „You give such class to this cell!” and the sardonic grin of the rich guy paying it back to his avengeful wife (Lisa Hartman’s character again) through his video recorded last will and testament: „And to you Autumn, my dear wife, I leave you the consequences of your greed.” Now, the movie is not exactly a masterpiece of cinematography, but this line, this last few words „consequences of your greed” follow me to this day. Lots of wisdom here, my friends…



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