Red Oranges of Andalusia

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Made you look, right? I’m such a tease… Yes, the only Andalusian thing here is the jacket, which I totally love and I bought it in Malaga.Woman wearing embroidered coat As most of you notice, the pictures are taken in the Old City of Bucharest, but as you know, I find inspiration

Little black dress embroidered coat

everywhere and the combination of the stone paved street, the jacket, the lace on my dress and the punctured pattern of the purse made me think of Andalusia.Brunette woman smiling in the street A place I read about, dreamt about and eventually got to visit. Something I would strongly recommend to anyone planning for a trip to remember. As I’m writing this down, I am seriously considering to post the pictures from the real thing instead. But I’m wearing the standard jeans and leather jacket in all of those, so we’ll stick to the ones with the better outfit. Girl dressed in embroidered coatMy dear friends, as this seems to turn into a „piece of advice post”, I’ll try to keep it short: travel to a place you dream – breathe in as much as you can from there – come home with a treasure for life. The riches in this life come in unexpected shapes, believe me.



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Red Oranges of Andalusia