Ocean Blue Summer Trend

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These pictures were taken at the beginning of March, without me even thinking about the spring-summer trends. I just happened to wear an all-black outfit (actually two, the skirt from Brise was just delivered that same day) and I styled it with my favorite scarf. For some reason, I had chosen a similar shade of eye shadow, which although I love, I rarely end up wearing because it’s quite dominant. And my green eyes are best complemented by purples and browns. And everybody knows that blue on the eyelids is an official make-up mistake. Or so it was… until recently. Imagine my surprise later on, when flipping through the pages of Elle magazine, I noticed that this noble color is highly recommended as the season’s eye shadow and nail polish; in fact, after further online research, I found out that blue is so big this summer, you just have to have it: in your wardrobe, in your make-up bag, in your accessories collection. Snorkel blue, electric blue, dark teal, blue hydrangea, indigo, moonstone blue, ocean blue,  sapphire blue…blue is in power, blue is on top. I wore it on top on my head in a moment of “Let’s do something with all this black – take the scarf and wrap it around your head – how cool, I’ll make a thing out of wearing head pieces from now on”. It just happened to be blue. Deep sea blue, to be more precise. So admit it, I’m a visionary. Hurray! The truth is I adore this color and I’m always happy to wear it. And I don’t necessarily follow trends, so this was a joyous moment of pure amusement. This also proves that it’s always a good idea to let your playful side take over every now and then. Who knows? It might unleash your inner trendsetter.

Outfit: Orsay jeans, C&A blouse and earrings, Brise skirt, Promod scarf

Photos by Dragoș Metea



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Ocean Blue Summer Trend