Let’s Play!

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I tell you stories and you laugh Young woman wearing purple and yellow outfit
I give you presents and you smile
I hold your hand too tight and for too long
You do not say a word
I love you. Now, let’s go for ice cream!

Do strong colors challenge you? They should. As intimidating as they appear, when used properly, they can become the perfect tool for making a bold statement.

Brunette woman wearing purple and yellow

And if you are confident about the statement, you may go ahead and play with the colors. It doesn’t matter how strong they are, the important thing is if they go together.Brunette wearing colorful outfit There were times when I used only the necklace in this pictures to brighten up a dark outfit for work. There are days, however, when we would all like to just go out for ice cream. Which is missing from the pictures, I know. But it was more about the concept of it, you get the idea.



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Let’s Play!