Phoenix and the Fountain of Youth

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When I saw how these pictures came out, I instantly forgot about the original concept and thought of an old song of the ethno rock band, Phoenix; I was quite hooked by them in my teenage years. Funny how when we listen to a song from our youth, we are taken there in an instant. We feel energized. Empowered. Able. Before people can come up with a device for time traveling, music already does the job. Sort of. And everything seems better after you connect with your younger self. Portrait of a young woman sitting on a benchYou realize it has always been with you. You haven’t lost it. You just got estranged for a while. But now you’re back in touch and all is well in the world. After all, how unbeatable is young energy when you add experience and determination? Downright unstoppable, I would say. So, when you need that fresh vibe, take this tip: go to the woods (a park will do), breath, listen to some music you liked when you thought everything was possible, do something new, something that makes you laugh. Smiling brunette woman resting elbowAnd then, remember, you are rich. You have inside all of your younger versions, so you can benefit from all of them at the same time.
The mythical phoenix bird is known for being reborn out of its own ashes. In life, it’s all about renewal.Young woman resting elbow on a bench
Here is the song I alluded to. Enjoy!



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