Own It

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The choice you’re making. The moment’s decision. The imperfection clutching on to your being. Who cares? We’re all flawed. The song you sing badly in the shower (I just tried “La donna e mobile”, I got two good notes and the rest was a disaster. I couldn’t be prouder). The sad face of solitude, the disappointment. Accept it, then you can forgive and move on. The road that took you to this point. What you have and don’t have in your life. The mistake you think you made. The chaos you need to put in order, hey, at least you have a project! The impatience. Being undisciplined and untamed. Your passion. The forbidden one. The one that makes you write, try things and dream big. The one the others call madness. Use it to build another life.


I hold on to my madness
No matter how I’m looked at
The layers of the worlds
Are intertwined at core
Can’t say therefore which motion
Will open any door
What I do know is this time
I’m going to stay strong
Resist the doubts that people
Choose over being wrong.

Now let’s enjoy the rest of the notes:



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Own It