Just Keep Going

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In our fantasy life, we are all exceptional beings: highly skilled, talented, unfearful, magnets for success, unbeatable warriors with supernatural powers and the perfect comeback lines. And by perfect, I mean right on time, not five minutes after the moment comeback line, when everyone has already moved on with their lives. If you happen to be these things in real life, go do something perfect, you arrogant… Galactic Emperor, this post is not for you. It’s for the rest of us, magnificent little ants, trying so hard to carry burdens ten times heavier than our weight on our shoulders. Us, who try everything time and time again until we get it right, us who have to accept mistake as the painful part of getting to a better place. I am merely one of you, I can’t leave myself alone not even for a day. I don’t know who, in what Universe, established that I have to always try to be more than I am, but believe me, I have mixed feelings towards this person. Because the road is both wonderful and terrible and it’s the only thing that got me where I am. So I keep going and at times it’s jolly and at times it’s bumpy and the one thing I cling on to when it gets really hard is the modest, ever so simple idea: “Just don’t stop!”



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Just Keep Going