Brave Enough to Show Your Story

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Young woman wearing casual red outfitThe true shade of one’s feathers is carefully kept inside. Along with that person’s story. What others see are only glimpses of a reality they know nothing about. And maybe this is how it should be. young woman wearing red outfit

We are so caught up in our own lives/battles/escapes/excuses, what could we possibly do/how could we possibly deal with someone else’ s shades of reality? But there are special days when the exception to the rule doesn’t confirm the rule anymore. It becomes the rule. And while it lasts, we might as well enjoy it. I had a moment of pure joy next to that magnolia tree. There’s something imperial about magnolias, a certain grandeur they generously borrow to whomever dares to get close enough. And if we let them, they will teach us to be brave enough to show ourselves at our highest, brave enough to show our splendour. Dignified and humble, yet magnificent. Too many times we hide in our shells, with the feeling of being protected. The only thing wrong with it is that it goes both ways – while the world can’t get to you, you can’t reach it either and this is how talent is wasted. And that’s a shame. So let’s be magnificent, darlings, like we were intended to!



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