How to Wear a Uniform

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Melanie - how to wear a uniform
Melanie - Depot 96 headband, owl bracelet
Melanie - how to wear a uniform

The experience of wearing a uniform for a significant number of years taught me to appreciate the structure of an outfit, the clean lines of a design, the comfort of counting on a well fitted attire. The road of honesty compels me to admit that the room left for creativity is small when blending into a collective image. On the other hand, there are times when it feels really good to identify with something solid, something you can rely on, something strong…. Not to mention, girls, the plus of having answered a well-known particular question: “What am I going to wear?” And if you find this idea not challenging enough (or downright boring), you may add a little sparkle by accessorizing properly. I have a new thing for headbands, so I chose one with colored stones from Depot 96 to sweeten the overall image. A golden touch from the owl bracelet and there… all done. To answer the initial question, wear it with a smile and your favourite accessory.

The outfit in this post looks more like a schoolgirl uniform, not like the one I used to wear, which was, of course, the adult version. But it brought those years to mind, so why not share this with you? You don’t have to wear a uniform to use the principle behind it 🙂

Outfit: Depot 96 headband, Peek & Cloppenburg shirt, Dika skirt, Why Denis boots

Photos by Dragoș Metea



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How to Wear a Uniform