A Quiz for the Restless Mind

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What is your type in the opposite sex? And what would your type be in case of an „after the end of the world” situation? I sometimes think about such things when I’m on the subway without something to read. What if me and the people in the subway were the last survivors in the above mentioned situation? Who would I choose for staying together and repopulating the planet? I take a look around and start selecting, a ruthless, quick and many times frustrating process. When reduced to the hypothetical case of basic needs, there is no such thing as political correctness. Or the luxury of being fussy. Or driven by intellectual criteria. Needless to say, many times the planet would be left deserted and other times some unsuspicious bulky construction workers would benefit the knowledge and charm(s) of your truly. Scary thing this experiment, taking off the gloss of civilization and see the primitive patterns underneath. You may try it sometimes, but be careful, it may surprise you. I, for one, don’t travel without reading materials anymore.



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Yes, I Am Too Much
A Quiz for the Restless Mind