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The Habit of Happiness

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Allow yourself to feel happy every day! Either when you wake up, or when you take the first sip of coffee in the morning, or at lunch, or during a work project you enjoy, or after leaving work, on your way home or meeting friends… Read another book, wear the good clothes, try a new workout, plan another trip. Choose any of this examples as your moment of happiness. Or invent others, I don’t know your lifestyle, it could be anything as simple as cooking a new recipe, walking your dog on a different route or dancing in your pj’s. Anything goes, any ordinary activity sprinkled with a new flavour. Make it up to you, make it available to you. Happiness should be a daily habit, not a once in a while reward.

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Longing for Green / Dor de verde

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Flipping through photographs, I realize I would very much like to gather all my favourite corners of the city and reassemble them into a smaller town where I would have all of my friends come to visit. There are some I would keep to myself, I admit. But there would still be enough left to populate a parallel urban world made out of colours and feelings. These I share generously and I believe there’s no surprise left in the fact that I resonate with the colour green. Perhaps because I was born in the spring or maybe just because this colour induces powerfully the very idea of life. And yes, after such a long winter, you might say I’m running out of patience for Lady Nature to go green on the city. So I thought about giving her a boost, reminding her that green is in fashion (no point in worrying about the shades right now) and that she would look good as a trendsetter if she started the engines piu allegro.

Răsfoind poze, îmi dau seama că mi-ar plăcea să adun colțurile de oraș preferate și să recompun cu ele un oraș mai mic, în care să-mi invit în vizită toți prietenii. Sunt unele pe care, recunosc, le-aș ține, în continuare, doar pentru mine. Dar tot ar fi destule pentru a popula o lume citadină paralelă, compusă din culori și trări dragi mie. Pe acestea vi le împărtășesc cu generozitate și cred că nu mai e, deja, nicio surpriză că mă regăsesc teribil în culoarea verde. Poate pentru că sunt născută primăvara sau poate doar datorită ideii de viață, indusă primordial de această culoare. Și da, se poate spune că nu mai am răbdare, după atata iarnă, ca doamna natură să înverzească orașul. Așa că m-am gandit să-i dau un impuls, să-i reamintesc că se poartă verdele (nu ne legăm de nuanțe acum) și că tare bine i-ar sta să fie un pic trendsetter și să pornească motoarele piu allegro.

Phoenix and the Fountain of Youth

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When I saw how these pictures came out, I instantly forgot about the original concept and thought of an old song of the ethno rock band, Phoenix; I was quite hooked by them in my teenage years. Funny how when we listen to a song from our youth, we are taken there in an instant. We feel energized. Empowered. Able. Before people can come up with a device for time traveling, music already does the job. Sort of. And everything seems better after you connect with your younger self. You realize it has always been with you. You haven’t lost it. You just got estranged for a while. But now you’re back in touch and all is well in the world. After all, how unbeatable is young energy when you add experience and determination? Downright unstoppable, I would say. So, when you need that fresh vibe, take this tip: go to the woods (a park will do), breath, listen to some music you liked when you thought everything was possible, do something new, something that makes you laugh. And then, remember, you are rich. You have inside all of your younger versions, so you can benefit from all of them at the same time.
The mythical phoenix bird is known for being reborn out of its own ashes. In life, it’s all about renewal.
Here is the song I alluded to. Enjoy!