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The Habit of Happiness

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Allow yourself to feel happy every day! Either when you wake up, or when you take the first sip of coffee in the morning, or at lunch, or during a work project you enjoy, or after leaving work, on your way home or meeting friends… Read another book, wear the good clothes, try a new workout, plan another trip. Choose any of this examples as your moment of happiness. Or invent others, I don’t know your lifestyle, it could be anything as simple as cooking a new recipe, walking your dog on a different route or dancing in your pj’s. Anything goes, any ordinary activity sprinkled with a new flavour. Make it up to you, make it available to you. Happiness should be a daily habit, not a once in a while reward.

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Just Keep Going

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In our fantasy life, we are all exceptional beings: highly skilled, talented, unfearful, magnets for success, unbeatable warriors with supernatural powers and the perfect comeback lines. And by perfect, I mean right on time, not five minutes after the moment comeback line, when everyone has already moved on with their lives. If you happen to be these things in real life, go do something perfect, you arrogant… Galactic Emperor, this post is not for you. It’s for the rest of us, magnificent little ants, trying so hard to carry burdens ten times heavier than our weight on our shoulders. Us, who try everything time and time again until we get it right, us who have to accept mistake as the painful part of getting to a better place. I am merely one of you, I can’t leave myself alone not even for a day. I don’t know who, in what Universe, established that I have to always try to be more than I am, but believe me, I have mixed feelings towards this person. Because the road is both wonderful and terrible and it’s the only thing that got me where I am. So I keep going and at times it’s jolly and at times it’s bumpy and the one thing I cling on to when it gets really hard is the modest, ever so simple idea: “Just don’t stop!”

Throw a Coin Up in the Air…

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Which side do you hope it would end its flight?

My face in the shadow, my face in the light.

The lightness is foggy, the darkness is clear

So no one could really decode why I’m here.

I’m here to enchant you? I’m here to reveal

Some poor human secrets you try to conceal?

Or am I just playing an old trick of mine

And dare you to step all over the line?

The trouble is, darling, you can’t tell for sure

Of what am I made of, you won’t know before.

Now that’s quite a challenge for the braver kind

So would you come closer and make up your mind?


Outfit: New Yorker blouse and shorts, H&M shoes, Oana Vasiloiu bag

Imaginary Crossroads / Intersecții imaginare

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They seem to be all around these days. Invisible, untouchable, basically undetectable and yet whenever you go through one, you feel it down to your bones. The funny thing is, you only know you did it right after you’ve crossed it. Of course. After you’ve taken the decision and moved ten steps or maybe just one. And felt like a blind man walking on a wire. At some point in this life, you don’t get to see where the next blow it’s going to come from. Let’s go back to the blind man metaphor a little. It’s not like walking on a wire, it’s more like doing a strange form of karate with a blindfold on; the catch is to escape the bad ones without hurting the innocent while there’s no apparent difference between the two. The difference is revealed in time, but you don’t get the luxury of time. Like a video game, only real. What do you do?

You put on a red poppy necklace and go to the boarding gates area in the airport. Well, I did. It’s a very special area, it has got a certain vibe to it, possibly from all of those thoughts of departure and new beginnings. Therefore it is the place most certain to contain all of the imaginary crossroads you can think of. And they are all in people’s heads so, invisible, untouchable, basically undetectable and yet you feel them down to your bones. And you know what? The air is fresh. No fear, no pressure, no worries about taking the wrong way. Is it the almighty hope that sweetens things up or the recognition of the fact that there are many of us in this situation and none of us really knows which way is the right one? One thing’s for sure: all we have is now and all we can do is the next move. Oh, man, have I just rediscovered a cliché ? Maybe it’s a universal truth, better head out to the duty free shop and check out the new fragrances, my mission on the philosophy of life is done for the moment. 🙂

Par a fi peste tot zilele astea. Nevăzute, intangibile, practic, de nedetectat și totuși, de câte ori treci printr-una, o simți până în oase. Drăguț e că numai după ce treci de ea, știi că ai făcut ce trebuia. Desigur. După ce ai luat decizia și ai făcut un pas sau zece, simțindu-te, în tot acest timp ca un orb care merge pe sârmă. Ajungi la un punct în viață când nu ți se mai arată de unde vine lovitura. Și mersul pe sârmă se transformă într-o formă de artă marțială pe care trebuie s-o stăpânești legat la ochi și astfel să-i îndepărtezi pe cei răi fără a-i leza pe nevinovați. Și toți arată la fel, abia în timp se disting diferențele. Un fel de joc video 3D, doar că real. Dar dacă nu ai luxul timpului, ce faci?

Pui un colier cu floare de mac, roșu aprins, pentru inspirație și mergi în zona porților de îmbarcare din aeroport. Eu așa am făcut. E o zonă specială, cu o energie aparte, probabil de la impregnarea cu toate acele gânduri de plecare și noi începuturi. Prin urmare, este locul cu cele mai multe intersecții imaginare la care te poți gândi. Și toate sunt în mințile oamenilor, deci nevăzute, intangibile, practic, de nedetectat și totuși, le simți până în oase. Și știți ceva? Atmosfera e cât se poate de fresh. Fără frici, presiune sau îngrijorare că apuci pe un drum greșit. Să fie oare atotputernica speranță cea care îndulcește lucrurile sau recunoașterea faptului că suntem mai mulți în această situație și nimeni nu știe, de fapt, exact care-i calea cea bună. Un lucru e sigur: tot ce avem este momentul prezent și tot ce putem face este pasul următor. Se pare că tocmai am redescoperit un clișeu pe cont propriu. Sau poate e un adevăr universal și atunci, aș face bine să dau o raită pe la magazinele duty free, sa văd ce parfumuri au mai adus, că la filosofie de viață tare mă pricep. 🙂

Photos by Edy Ghiță