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Beauty in all its forms, people and all that is human, this is how I would describe the subject of this blog. But what it really is, first of all, is a pretext to

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tell stories. Have you ever wondered how do stories come to life? True or fictional, what triggers their existence? I often wondered, so one day I decided to start writing down and sharing with you some of the scenes that every now and again
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appear my way. Or inside my mind. Let’s see where this would lead. After all, there’s nothing more powerful than a story whose time has come. And as the designated storyteller, it is now my job to make this journey fascinating and delightful for you, my readers.

[/span4] [/row_fluid][/widerow] [widerow customclass=””][row_fluid] [heading_entrance title=”The road to writing” text=”The first Romanian chick-lit novel, the  airport’s magazine, Airport News, the road to writing carried me through various projects. Past and present, they all contributed to me being a better host for you, my darlings, so that when I tell you a story, I would be able to at least bring a smile on your face or a cheeky idea to your mind.”] [/row_fluid] [row_fluid] [span4]

Coffee Brewing

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